Nanomicrobe is established to address two important hurdles faced by medical world – poor bioavailability of therapeutics and Drug-resistant microbial infections. At Nanomicrobe we develop new generation Biodegradable Nano delivery Technology and Antimicrobials.

New generation Biodegradable Nano drug delivery Technology:

Despite massive improvements in medicinal chemistry, poor cellular uptake of therapeutics into bacteria, fungi and mammalian cells remains a major hurdle. Though there are many drug delivery methods available, biodegradability and poor performance and toxicity are major hurdles. Nanomicrobe has invented a variety of Drug delivery technologies based on new active moiety. Our Nanotechnology drug delivery platform is suitable to delivery a variety of cargo molecules including proteins, peptides, nucleic acids including plasmid DNA, siRNA, miRNA, and small drug molecules.

Novel antimicrobials

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the major setback in modern medicine. Majority of the existing antimicrobials (particularly antibiotics) are ineffective due to resistance. There is an unmet need for alternatives to traditional antimicrobials. Nanomicrobe is developing a new generation antimicrobials that bypass bacterial resistance mechanism.  So far we have designed 4 different class of synthetic antimicrobial. Our chemists are making different versions of these molecules to tackle multi-drug resistant microbes.