Pet animals

Topical microbial infections


At Nanomicrobe we develop robust antimicrobial formulations for treating variety of skin infections in pet and farm animals. The skin forms the outer covering of the body, protects against an external environment and acts as a barrier preventing infections. Topical skin infections are more frequent in animals. Skin infection arise either as a secondary (when there is a compromised skin barrier, immune suppression, physical damage to skin (wounds) or break in skin integrity, ectoparasite infection) or primary microbial infections of skin (outgrowth of a particular pathogenic microbe or combination of pathogenic microbes). Often skin infections involve a combination of microbes. Particularly, they are more prevalent in animals (dogs and cats; small and large farm animals) due to hygiene issues, and also as secondary infections to mange/mite allergy. Additionally microbial infections are most common post-surgical complications (often referred to as nosocomial infections). Unlike human, where we can control topical applications and chance of healing rate is higher due to patient co-operation. Treatment of skin infections in animals is a real challenge, firstly non-compliance from the patients, secondly prevalence of infections that require multiple treatment and prolonged duration of treatment. In animals, a combination of bacterial and fungal (yeast) skin infections is common and may need many weeks of antibiotic/antifungal treatment. Presence of thick fur further favors rapid microbial growth and an obstacle to effective treatment. Hence a suitable rapid antimicrobial bath would be advantageous for treating skin infections in animals. Prevalence of more than one microbe often leads to bad odour emitted from skin, a major issue from aesthetic and public nuisance. As for today, no effective, rapidly acting skin antimicrobial preparations in the form of skin bath/dip, ointment/gel/lotions or soap/shampoo or antimicrobial wound dressings are available for animals. Moreover, majority of the antimicrobial formulations for skin infection are ineffective. Similar situation exists for eye and ear infections. Our tests show that the formulations are effective in treating multidrug-resistant skin infections. Also, our single-molecule technology enables clearance of both fungal and bacterial infection together.

Surface disinfectants

We have developed low-cost and highly effective antimicrobial formulations suitable for surface decontamination, ideally suitable for kennels and animal houses. Our formulations are non-allergic to pet and farm animals.